Contracted Services

Wells Medical Research provides contracted services to support Medical Information and Medical Communications within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Dr. Wells is experienced in the day-to-day operations within a call center setting and in delivering medical information responses to health care professionals and the public, on behalf of several dozen drug companies. He is also experienced with the intake and reporting of safety quality complaints for drugs and medical devices, including reports from the literature.

The following activities are examples of work that can be outsourced to WMRS to meet your company’s timelines:

• Medical writing to contribute to Medical Information Letters, Therapy Summaries, and Clinical Evaluation Reports

• Custom responses to drug product queries intended for healthcare professionals

• Writing publications from internal company reports to satisfy global needs to eliminate use of “data on file” as references

• Literature searching to support therapy overviews, current awareness, and competitive summaries

• Editing and preparing FAQ and Knowledge Base Documents

• Creating and delivering training to call center staff, distributors, patient assistance vendors and international vendors

• Preparing slide deck presentations and summarizing data for poster development

• Acting as liaison to call center, clients, vendors and partners

• Writing MedWatch narratives within a drug safety environment

• Medical literature searching for adverse event reports and the preparation of annual reports for the FDA, for both medical devices and prescription drug products

• Managing bibliographic resources

• Reviewing medical information cases for quality assurance purposes


Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Wells is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on orphan drugs used to treat rare genetic diseases (phenylketonuria and LEMS), enzyme replacement treatments for lysosomal storage disorders (MPS, Gaucher disease and Fabry disease), endocrinology drugs, branded prescription drug products and generics, bioanalytical drug sample preparation, drug analysis, analytical chemistry, literature searching, drug metabolism, and drug safety (pharmacovigilance).

As a pharmacist and a drug development scientist in industry, Dr. Wells has over 30 years of experience with prescription drug products and additional subject matter expertise can easily be added to support your company’s unique products.


Education & Training

Education and training experience has been obtained as a teacher of pharmacology at different universities, most recently at Northwestern Health Sciences University, and as a call center manager responsible for creating drug information training for the staff. Dr. Wells developed a five-week Drug Information training program for Pharm.D. students as part of their externship, and for six years served as Preceptor to students from Creighton University. He also enjoys and has acted as a mentor to first-year pharmacy students at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, and as a mentor to pharmacy technicians at retail pharmacies. In addition, Dr. Wells has conducted numerous training workshops on bioanalytical sample preparation and trained distributors around the globe.

In previous years, Dr. Wells performed intake and follow-up on adverse drug events, and prepared MedWatch forms including narrative writing and MedDRA coding on adverse events for pharmaceutical clients. He is therefore able to identify embedded adverse events in medical information cases and to train staff on adverse events and product complaints.