Wells Medical Research & Support Services


Dr. Wells has demonstrated expertise in rare diseases, medical affairs, bioanalytical sample preparation and product development

He has a strong track record in managing Global Medical Communications activities for Takeda and Shire, and providing Medical Information in support of medical devices for Medtronic and marketed drugs on behalf of BioMarin and others. He was key to developing support for 3M Empore™ products used in bioanalytical sample preparation.


Wells Medical Research Services is an independent contractor providing support to pharmaceutical companies

WMRS supports activities in medical communications, medical information, drug safety, literature searching, drug sample preparation, medical responses to physician inquiries, and product development.


Medical Communications

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Medical Information

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Product Development

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Medical & Scientific Writing

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Sample Preparation

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Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry Applications

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High Throughput Bioanalytical Sample Preparation: Methods and Automation Strategies

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Throughput considerations for a sample-multiplexed LC-MS/MS assay

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LC Automation

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Why hire a consultant?

  • East Coast Pharma Company #3
    David was the catalyst I needed to help my staff develop the appropriate high throughput microplate extraction chemistry. He has been very successful in overcoming resistance to the implementation by creating a win/win situation that has improved my staff’s knowledge base and helped them attain personal success. As a mentor, he won their confidence and trust. This is a perfect example of how an outside consultant can be more valuable and less threatening than an in-house leader. As a surrogate lab director, David also proactively suggests additional experiments. We plan to continue our productive relationship with him as we grow.
    East Coast Pharma Company #3
  • Research Triangle Park Pharma Company
    David is helping us migrate from a serial test tube environment to 96-well so that we can perform trace analysis of our HIV compound in blood and urine in just one hour vs. four to five hours. He advised us about several pieces of equipment that will facilitate the change, including the Packard MultiPROBE® II, centrifuges and 96-well manifolds. At the same time, he steered us away from older, more difficult to use software that was less versatile. Although the manufacturers provide basic training with their equipment set-up, David’s training is more intensive, geared toward helping our scientists perform more complicated procedures and automate methods development and solid phase extraction. It was important for me to bring everyone up to speed quickly so that we can operate as efficiently as possible, as soon as possible.
    Research Triangle Park Pharma Company
  • East Coast Pharma Company #2
    The expertise of an outside consultant who works with many companies is often more valuable than the more limited perspective of an insider. In presenting a half-day seminar on sample preparation for high throughput LC/MS/MS analysis to my group, David lived up to the reputation he has earned within the pharmaceutical bioanalytical community as a state-of-the-art expert on sample prep methods. In addition to his broad knowledge base, he brings a totally neutral approach to process control to my organization for the development projects we’re working on. David has been very helpful in providing periodic telephone consultation and troubleshooting services. I am pleased that he will be helping us on a more regular basis with method development for difficult projects.
    East Coast Pharma Company #2
  • East Coast Pharma Company
    David provides a number of services to our automation group, which is part of methods development for all functions within drug metabolism. First of all, he provides expertise in 96-well solid phase extraction to supplement our biological drug assays and expedite projects. He also provides training on the Packard MultiPROBE II, and has programmed a first-pass screen into the automated liquid handler to automate method development procedures. In applying his extensive knowledge to the broad spectrum of experience levels in our organization, David helps our less experienced scientists structure and analyze their data. Our people are extremely comfortable working with an outside consultant, finding the relationship career enhancing since they know they will earn the project credential.
    East Coast Pharma Company
  • San Francisco Pharma Company #2
    I hired Dr. Wells for his ability to come into my group in a non-confrontational way and motivate the staff. He has a lot of enthusiasm. He is the guy getting this team all together, on-board, and on-target.
    San Francisco Pharma Company #2
  • San Francisco Pharma Company
    Dr. Wells is an outlier in the medical information field because in addition to having a deep scientific knowledge in multiple therapeutic areas, his work as a pharmacist allows him to understand drug treatment at the patient level.
    San Francisco Pharma Company