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May 09 2014

Research Triangle Park Pharma company

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David is helping us migrate from a serial test tube environment to 96-well so that we can perform trace analysis of our HIV compound in blood and urine in just one hour vs. four to five hours. He advised us about several pieces of equipment that will facilitate the change, including the Packard MultiPROBE┬« II, centrifuges and 96-well manifolds. At the same time, he steered us away from older, more difficult to use software that was less versatile. Although the manufacturers provide basic training with their equipment set-up, David’s training is more intensive, geared toward helping our scientists perform more complicated procedures and automate methods development and solid phase extraction. It was important for me to bring everyone up to speed quickly so that we can operate as efficiently as possible, as soon as possible.

Research Triangle Park Pharma company

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