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Call Center Liaison

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The call center is the communications interface between the company and the public, including health care professionals. Specialists in the call center communicate FDA approved drug information in response to pharmaceutical and medical inquiries. Dr. David Wells has eight years of managerial experience in a call center serving over forty different drug companies with a wide range of drug products. He is very familiar with the role of liaison to a call center, having performed this function for BioMarin Pharmaceutical for nearly six years.
A recent project was interfacing with a contracted call center serving his client and managing version control for client-approved documents, such as FAQs, medical response letters, and analytical stability temperature excursion data. A medical letter on analytical stability was updated by Dr. Wells and he delivered the training to the call center. Medical information inquiries that needed escalation to the client were triaged by Dr. Wells who prepared custom responses which were client approved. Other call center management responsibilities included reviewing IRMS documentation for FAQs, reviewing categorization and metrics for responses, and generally being the interface to the call center for his client. The launch of a particular drug in the European Union required editing certain documents for international use, and Dr. Wells participated on the company project team and performed those edits for his client.

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