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Teaching Extraction Chemistry

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Education and training services from Dr. Wells in drug sample preparation have been very well received. He commonly visits bioanalytical laboratories on-site and teaches fundamental and advanced topics in extraction chemistry so that the laboratory staff are all trained to a common level of proficiency. Extraction chemistry includes the principles behind protein precipitation, solid-phase extraction and liquid-liquid extraction. Knowing how analytes are attracted to different media and how their binding can be influenced by pH, salt content and temperature, educate the analyst to be able to develop sound extraction methods. In addition, the training course offered by Dr. Wells provided valuable instruction in how to troubleshoot methods when things are not as expected and how to optimize those methods to achieve increased selectivity and reduced interferences.

These professional education and training services are commonly performed to a small group but larger groups can be accommodated for more lecture style presentations. With a confidentiality agreement in place, Dr. Wells can assist with specific real-life projects facing the analysts and after some instruction, those analytes can be extracted that day, analyzed by LC-MS/MS overnight and the results discussed the next morning. Using the analyst’s project as the teaching example gets work done and teaches the variables of extraction chemistry to provide for a great educational experience. It is preferable to schedule several days in a row for this type of hands-on training. The education extends beyond the chemistry of extraction and commonly includes automation and rapid method development techniques. Each training is customized for your staff so that you can be assured that time spent is indeed on target and valuable.

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