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May 12 2014


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Wells Medical Research & Support Services is an independent contractor providing support services to pharmaceutical, medical, medical device, analytical and scientific companies. Dr. David A. Wells is the Founder and Principal Consultant; David is a research & development scientist in pharmaceutical drug metabolism, toxicology and bioanalytical chemistry, a medical communications professional, an analytical chemist, a registered pharmacist, a drug safety professional, and a published author. With a career that has included R&D roles, founding and managing his own sample prep consulting company in 1999, university teaching, a leadership role with an outsourced pharmaceutical call center, independent medical and scientific writing, and continuing his core work as a pharmacist, David possesses a broad range of expertise and knowledge. His hands-on experience with the pharmaceutical product lifecycle from discovery support to post-marketing allows him to offer a wealth of experience to meet his client’s needs. Wells Medical Research is prepared to assist you in the areas of medical information, drug safety, drug sample preparation, scientific and medical writing, bioanalytical chemistry, product development and technical service.

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