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May 04 2014

Pharmaceutical & Medical Consulting

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Wells Medical Research & Support Services is an independent contractor providing support services to pharmaceutical, medical, medical device, analytical and scientific companies. Dr. David A. Wells is the Founder and Principal Consultant.

Dr. Wells’s most recent leadership role was with an outsourced pharmaceutical call center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, for seven years. David managed all aspects of medical information fulfillment and was a client liaison and dedicated resource to BioMarin Pharmaceuticals over a six-year period. He was a Subject Matter Expert for their orphan drug products Kuvan®, used for phenylketonuria, Naglazyme®, used for the rare disease mucopolysaccharidosis VI, and Vimizim™, used for Morquio A Syndrome (MPS IVA); more generally, David is an expert in enzyme replacement therapy and lysosomal storage disorders. As a result of his background in drug research, David provided communications support for BioMarin’s very active drug development programs.

The many activities David managed for the call center included the following — maintained all supporting resources including knowledge base documents, call center training materials, and task descriptions; searched the global literature weekly and sent out alerts of important publications to global staff; maintained a bibliographic database for all of BioMarin’s marketed products and research programs; was responsible for every written fulfillment sent out on behalf of BioMarin, as well as for the written responses for several other client’s products in the call center and became a Subject Matter Expert on Increlex® for severe primary IGF-1 deficiency and Somatuline Depot® for acromegaly. David also performed a range of drug safety (pharmacovigilance) activities on behalf of clients which included case review for quality assurance, intake and follow-up on adverse drug events, literature searching for adverse events, and preparing MedWatch forms including narrative writing and MedDRA coding.

Presently, David provides services to medical information departments as an independent contractor, writer and subject matter expert, most recently for the oncology drug carfilzomib (Kyprolis®), a proteasome inhibitor. When a staffing shortage or increased workloads need to be resolved, Dr. Wells can be your solution to keeping medical information projects on target. When scientific or medical writing projects need to be initiated quickly and completed in a timely manner, Dr. Wells can provide the writing expertise needed to keep these projects moving forward – as a freelance writer with 30 years of experience with the written word, and the perspectives of a pharmaceutical R&D scientist, retail pharmacist and teacher, David is an outlier among writing professionals. Through his own extensive experience and that of his networked colleagues, Wells Medical Research Services is prepared to support your needs on a daily or occasional basis.

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